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aQtive developer/academic pack

This pack has information and documents for developers of Qbit extensions of onCue and also for academics and researchers wanting to use onCue as a base platform.

This pack will develop over time, so please register as a developer and keep an eye on the aQtive developers pages for web and Java news, also see the research pages for news on our academic and research initiatives.


  project suggestions - ideas for undergraduate and research projects with onCue
  using XML Qbits to extend onCue - recipes for simple Qbits, ideas and documentation
  Java Qbits - interim information on producing onCue Qbits in Java
onCue "how it works" - under the bonnet of onCue
  aQtiveSpace "how it works" - the architecture undergirding onCue
  aQtive research and academic links - why we believe theory and practice go together
  design principles - status-event analysis and external configuration
  bibliography - papers including onCue/aQtive and related work

Please tell us your opinions on this pack and onCue.

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