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Please note aQtive is no longer a trading company.   This site is maintained as a legacy only.

Known Bugs List

Before submitting a bug please ensure that it does not already appear in the list below, if it does not then

Click here to submit a new bug

When submitting a bug please try to be as detailed as possible. Try to include a set of steps to recreate the bug. Additionally when submitting any bug report we request that you also send us the following information about your system:-

  • Processor Type :i.e. Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III etc.
  • Processor Speed :i.e. 133mhz, 233mhz etc.
  • Memory : i.e. 16mb, 32mb, 64 mb etc.
  • Operating System: i.e. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT etc.
  • Internet Connectivity: i.e. Modem Dialup, LAN etc.
  • Unusual Setup: i.e. behind firewall, proxy servers, uncommon software installed etc.

Documentation is slightly out of date in places.

2 We have had reports of onCue conflicting with Netscape Composer and the Forte Agent Newsgroup Browser - both causing the machine to freeze until onCue is killed using CTRL-ALT-DELETE
3 When using the text entry box, onCue also sometimes freezes while its icons are fading in.

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